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Our year 13 students are in their final exams and will be leaving us as very soon, so Ms Walker would like to share some final thoughts….

Our Year 13 students have either applied for University or Apprenticeships and offers have come in from Birmingham, Falmouth, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Leeds Trinity, Manchester Met, Stafford, Liverpool, Plymouth, Aston, Warwick and Worchester. We have two students that have been offered an Apprenticeship at Caterpillar and Audi. The 6th Form students have all had a mentor and we support them both Academically and Pastorally to enable them to achieve their levels in their chosen subjects. Good luck to them in their Exam results and in their future career paths and life in general. We will miss you all X
6th Form Student Leadership team are truly amazing, they have organised every charity event, given the 6th Form a voice, supported the House programme and are proactive in everything they do. We have raised over £2,500 this year.

The new Academic Year 2018/2019 will bring bigger and better things. We are looking forward to increasing our numbers, welcoming students from other Academies and from around the world including Russia, Argentina and Germany. We are in the process of planning an International trip and liaising with our sister school in China to set up long standing links. The student leadership team are planning reward trips for the 6th form and are also looking at smaller awards.

A huge thank you to the 6th Form team and amazing form tutors. The commitment and continuous hard work as a team shows in the GOOD from OFSTED and most importantly the achievements from the students both academically and personally.

Ms H Walker
6th Form Pastoral Manager

And now a few personal comments about Year 13…

Ben Richards
Ben has matured over the last year, he has taken on the responsibilities, care and love for his beautiful daughter Izabella. Ben has continued with his BTEC Level 3 Sports and has gained a Pass. Ben has gained a High end Apprenticeship with Audi. He is very excited about his career path. Well done Ben.

Ben New
Bens journey in 6th form has been amazing. He has evolved from a very immature boy into an outstanding young man. Ben reshuffled his subject choices and became enthusiastic in his work ethic to the point he has passed all his B TEC and A levels which has enabled him to go onto Wolverhampton University to do Media, TV and Film Studies. An amazing achievement. Well done. We are so proud of you. Ben’s career aspirations is to become a media producer, look out for his name on the credits.

Nasir Khalifa
Memories of Nasir (aka Gandalf) are from year 8 when we went to Abodovey and hiked up mountains for miles and miles. Nasir being the slow plodder found a large branch and used it as a cane, hence he became Gandalf the Asian. Nasir was Head boy and went above and beyond in his role. Amazing work ethic, enthusiasm, commitment and character. Nasir feels he started out slow but as a wise man once said “Fly you fool through the journey of 6th form”! 6th form has been a stepping stone towards his goals. The ups and downs and my constant (nagging) support and care has enabled him to build the foundations to his next chapter. Nasir is going onto Coventry University to do a Degree in Civil/Structural Engineering.

Kieran Fairfax
Kieran joined us in 2015 from Midpoint. Kieran has overcome a range of challenging medical issues and circumstances. He is an outstanding young man who has done volunteering in Turkey, renovating a school. His work ethic is amazing and he has achieved a Merit/Pass in his BTEC Level 3 Sport. Kieran still can’t believe he has got a place at Stafford University to do a Degree in Football Coaching. Kieran is an inspiration to others, through hard work and determination you can achieve your dreams. We wish him great success in his future. We are very proud of him.

Katy Baker

Katie is an amazing young lady who is the first in her family to go to University. She has got a place at Stafford University to do a Degree in Art & Design. She will then be travelling to South Korea to teach Primary students before doing her PGCE in England and going onto become a Teacher. We wish her well in her career path.

Karandeep Singh
Karandeep is a STAR student. He has matured into an outstanding young man. He is highly ambitious, has a fantastic work ethic, and suffers with severe anxiety at Exam times!
In Karendeep’s words “No matter how many obstacles have surfaced on my path, my passion, resilience and dedication has been a testament to my success”. Karandeep is going onto Warwick University to do a Degree in Law and wants to be a Solicitor specialising in Commercial Law. A true STAR that just keep shining!

Ellie Finch

An amazing young lady who is a Fire Cadet, volunteers at the Good Shepard and achieved Duke of Edinburgh – GOLD. Ellie was Deputy Head Girl and was always enthusiastic, pro-active and always and just amazing. Ellie feels she has grown whilst being in 6th form into a confident well rounded young lady who can achieve her dreams. Ellie is going to Leeds Trinity University to do a Degree in Primary Education and in her fourth year she will be an NQT in a school. Very proud of her journey and wish her well in the future.

Shona Roper

Where do I start? Year 8 Abodovey. This little, loud ball of energy, running everywhere. Even all these years ago I could see Shona had Leadership qualities and a huge voice! Shona feels that she has matured into a lovely young lady who has a wider view of the world and how it works, she has loved her time in 6th form, her confidence and work ethic are amazing and she is going onto Newman University to do a Degree in Psychology. Wishing her all the best. We will miss her wit, and honestly loud voice!

Lindsey Masawi

Lindsey is a character that you will never forget! Year 8 at Abodovey, her determination to hike miles up and down the mountains in Wales, moaning constantly but also giving support with her quick wit. She is 6th forms own African Queen, she is loud, amazing and extremely funny. Lindsey has evolved into a mature, hardworking young lady, who has a clear vision of owning her own business. Lindsey is going to Birmingham City University to do a Degree in Business Management & Marketing. She will truly be missed, visually and acoustically!

Sharondeep Bopari

Sharondeep is an outstanding young lady who has decided to do a Gap Year and go travelling around Europe. She will volunteer as a conservation worker to help animals in India and Africa. On Sharondeeps return she will be going to Coventry University to do Graphic Design.

Gugan Gill

Gugan was Head Girl and did an amazing job. She is also taking a Gap Year and travelling around Europe. Gugan will volunteer to work with people in Africa and India before coming home and going to Lancaster University to do a Degree in English Lit.

Emma Nicklin

Emma is an outstanding young lady who has come to 6th Form from Coseley. Emma was on the Student Leadership team in charge of the Charity events. Emma plays cricket, although she does not run!
Emma plays for Coseley Cricket Club and this is her passion. She is a qualified cricket coach and coaches from the ages of 5yrs to 16year old children. Emma is going to Keele University to do a Degree in Maths and Chemistry and will become a Teacher in the future.

Keiron Hayfield

Keiron work ethic is like a tortoise but he always finishes the race. He has got a Bronze in Duke of Edinburgh. He is the only student in the Academy who has achieved 100% attendance every year in his secondary education. He has only gone and got a 4 Year Apprenticeship with Caterpiller as a technical technician and on the assembly line. We wish him well in this fantastic career path.

Tom Gutteridge
Well he has only gone and finished his Level 3 Btec sports and at times dragged through Level 3 Health and Social Care. Tom is unique, challenging and a lovely young man who melts people with his charm and smile. It has taken a long time for Tom to believe in himself which has enabled him to achieve in goals. Tom is going to Wolverhampton University to do a Degree in Physical Education to become a PE Teacher in the future.

Viktorija Safanova
Viktorija is an outstanding young lady who has been on the Student Leadership team. She is proactive, passionate and a very hard working girl. She has an amazing skill for photography and media work. Viktorija has represented the Academy while visiting Auschwitz Concentration camp, she will educate others in the atrocities by talks and photography images. She is going to Birmingham City University to do Media and Communications.

Josh Cotterill
Josh is a Lifeguard, is a Youth worker for the Scouts and the Caravan & Camping Club. He is an amazing young man who has matured over the years and finally knows what he wants to do in the future. Josh has an Apprenticeship at MAHLE and Automotive Engineering company.

Brent Pias
Brent, our Exchange Student from Holland who stayed with us for 10 months has only gone and got a job as an Air Traffic Controller at Southampton! 
This is an amazing accomplishment and a well deserving young man who is honestly outstanding in everything he does. 32,000 people went for this post and our Brent went and got it. We are so proud of him.


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