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Academic Coaches

Students may be allocated an Academic Coach to work on a 1:1 basis providing academic support in a specific subject or area, eg essay writing skills. Coaches are appointed from existing members of staff or through the University of Wolverhampton Academic Coaches programme.  

Academic Mentoring

Academic Mentoring may be undertaken to support students in coping with the demands of A level study, to ensure they keep on track and are organising their time effectively. This is undertaken with the year group Head of Year or the Vice Principal (Sixth Form, Assessment and Data), the aim being improving the students capacity to cope with their course of study and therefore to achieve their potential.

Achievement Report

Students underachieving in a number of areas, or who have failed to respond positively to Subject Report may be placed on Achievement Report to their Head of Year. Specific targets will be set, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that reports are presented to the appropriate staff for completion and that this is then returned to the Head of Year at the agreed time for monitoring.

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Your experiences since leaving could help to motivate and inspire our current students to feel more confident in making decisions about their future. We’d love you to join our alumni network and stay connected with the school. You can choose how and when you help. Perhaps you could act as a career and education role model, provide work experience, become a mentor in person or online or help with donations, fundraising or even apply to become a governor! It doesn’t matter when you left us, whether you’re in further education or employment, whether you still live nearby or have moved further away, there are still ways you can help and we would love to stay in touch.

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Career Placement

Preparation for university and employment is an integral part of the sixth form programme at the Ormiston SWB Academy. We give Sixth Form students the opportunity to complete career placements and gain a deeper knowledge of the subjects and careers they are considering. We ask all Year 12 students to undertake a work experience placement related to their university or career plans during the summer holiday.

Employability or work-readiness is becoming more and more important to universities and employers. While qualifications remain essential, with very few exceptions, they are no longer the only consideration. By gaining work experience in relevant sectors our students can gain a real advantage when applying for university or work. While on work experience students will be able to talk with and observe skilled and qualified people who can give them a better idea of what their job involves. It is an opportunity to network and find contacts.

Students find their own work placements and take personal responsibility for researching their further education and career path. They should consider the type of work they would like to do and how it relates to their future plans; think about any contacts they have and speak with staff in school to get ideas about which employers to approach.

The school will provide guidance and support throughout the process including information and guidance on how to find and approach potential employers, CV writing, as well as a list of employers who have taken our Sixth Form students in the past.  

Motivational Report

Students can sometimes need encouragement to improve their Attitude to Learning or to reach for the highest possible grades.  In this case, the year group Achievement Leader may implement a Motivational Report to monitor the input a student is making into their studies.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that reports are presented to the appropriate staff for completion and that this is then returned to the Achievement Leader at the agreed time for monitoring.  Appropriate rewards may be attached to successful completion of a Motivational Report, these to be negotiated between the Achievement Leader and the individual student.

Pastoral Mentoring/Support

Occasionally a student may be under pressure due to pastoral issues such as attendance, issues outside of the academy etc... Support is agreed on an individual need basis. In addition, Pastoral support may be provided through Form tutor intervention, Attendance/Behaviour Reports and through external agencies e.g. Base 25, School nurse etc. External interventions and support will be approved by the Vice Principal (Student Engagement & Safety) prior to arranging.

Sixth Form Intervention

Following the half-termly Risk Register analysis, Sixth Form students may be identified as requiring either pastoral or academic support to meet their target grades. This can be provided in a number of ways.

Sixth Form Opportunities

At Ormiston SWB Academy we strongly believe in giving students opportunities to develop skills required for the 21st century. Leadership and organisational opportunities are at the centre of our approach: within Sixth Form, we see our young people as the leaders of tomorrow. 

Subject Catch Up

A student identified as underachieving, or if a member of staff has expressed concerns regarding work rate or completion, may be directed to attend Catch Up with the member of staff. This will be for a set period of time and included as part of the student’s timetable. Sessions may be during the academy day (including lunchtime) or before/after school. On occasion, students may be expected to attend a “Saturday School” session. 

Subject Report (Director)

Directors may place a Sixth Form student on Subject Report if they feel that their Attitude to Learning, work-rate or completion of work requires improvement.  This allows the Director to monitor the achievement of students and ensure any issues are identified and tackled immediately. The student is responsible for taking the report to each lesson, where the teacher will complete with comments regarding AtL and work quality.  It is then the responsibility of the student to return this to the Director at an agreed time.

Subject Workshops

Staff may hold specific Subject Workshops to promote or excel the achievement of students. These will be held at a mutually convenient time and may be at the end of the academy day or during “Saturday School”.  Students will be invited to attend these, but attendance is compulsory.


All students will be allocated to a Form Group. Tutorials will be 5 x 15 minute session per week.  Form Time will include a focus on aachievement, attendance, behaviour for individuals. In addition a programme addressing PSHCE/SMSC will be covered. In addition, a programme of Enrichment for PSCHE/SMSC will be delivered through Assemblies which will be delivered once per fortnight.

It is very important that students attend tutor periods and get to know their tutor as they will be student and parents’ first point of contact should they need to discuss any issues relating to life in Sixth Form. Tutors can provide support and guidance about all aspects of Sixth Form. The tutors will pass on any issues to the appropriate person where necessary. Tutors meet with small groups of students and one to one on a rolling basis, ensuring that students are seen at least three times per half term.

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